Battle Credits

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Battle Credits
Battle Credits.png
A Battle Credit as seen in-game.
Two crossed silver swords with golden hilts.
Type Currency
Payment Method(s) Credits.png Credits
Appearance(s) SuperMechs.png SuperMechs

Battle Credits (symbol: BC) are a form of currency used to revive mechs in Campaign and initiate Ladder Battles in Multiplayer.




Battle Credits automatically regenerate at the rate of 1 BC per every 20 minutes. Regeneration caps at 15 BC, however, Battle Credits gained through other methods will accumulate past this limit.

Ladder Battles

For every 300 cumulative wins a Clan reaches, every Clan member will receive a bonus of 5 BC. The amount remaining until the next bonus can be checked in the Clan menu.


Battle Credits can be purchased for Credits when there are no more remaining. 1 BC can be bought for 3,000 SM, while 6 BC can be bought at a bulk-discounted price of 15,000 SM. The price of Battle Credits increases from each last purchase until a certain as-of-yet undetermined time period has elapsed.


Main article: Achievements

Some Achievements award Battle Credits upon completion.

Icon Name Game Mode Description Prerequisites Reward
Win 5 ladder battles.png
Multiplayer Win 5 Ladder Battles 20 Battle Credits.png
Win 50 ladder battles.png
Multiplayer Win 50 Ladder Battles 20 Battle Credits.png


Unlike Credits or Tokens, Battle Credits only have two, very specific uses. Their primary use is to initiate Ladder Battles in Multiplayer. Each battle costs 1 BC to initiate. Battle Credits are also used to revive mechs in Campaign upon defeat. Each revival costs 1 BC.

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