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Battles are what Supermechs is all about! We join to create mechanical monsters to do combat. There are two basic types of combat in Supermechs; Campaign/Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

Turns & Action Points: How Battles Work

When playing Supermechs, your objective is to reduce your opponent's hitpoints (HP) to zero before your opponent can do the same to you.

Gameplay is turn-based, meaning that you will get a turn and then your opponent will get a turn. During each turn, each player will have a certain amount of action points. Your action points are represented in the game interface by green circles near your mech's status display (see example below). Most commonly, each player will have 2 action points. Each action point allows you to make one choice within your turn. When your action points are used, it becomes your opponent's turn. Choose your choices wisely to maximize damage to your opponent as well as minimize damage taken!

NOTE: In multiplayer mode, there is a time limit of 20 seconds for each player to take their turn. If you fail to use your action points within the 20 second window, you lose them and it then becomes your opponent's turn.

Action Points 1.png

There are a variety of different aspects to take into consideration during a battle, such as the range of a weapon and what weapons your mech, as well as your opponent's mech, are matched well (or not-so-well) against. Information for this can be found in the Game Interface section.

Campaign/Single player

Campaign Button.png

Our first type of gameplay, and your initial experience in Supermechs will be the campaign mode. In campaign, you can wet your appetite for battle against A.I. opponents, which are laid out across the global arena, and divided into mech level, and then subdivided by 3 difficulty levels (see example below).


Campaign challenges will appear as round badges on the map. Challenge badges will appear from green to red, in accordance with the mech levels within the challenges, scaling from easiest to most difficult, respectively. Challenges you have not yet participated in will appear as a badge with two crossed swords. As you complete the challenges, each difficulty level completed within the challenge will show as a filled-in star, until all 3 difficulty levels within the challenge are completed, at which point the badge will change to one single, filled in star.

In campaign mode, your mech will always get the first turn, regardless of the strength of your opponent's mech. You may also get a bonus attribute to pick at the beginning of the battle as well!

NOTE: Campaign mode will not increase your ladder points or rank position. However, it will reward you with some credits and experience, as well as give you valuable practice for when you finally decide you are ready for multiplayer!


Multiplayer Button.png

That's right. Fine tune your mech into a death-dealing, machine of mayhem and destruction, and then pit it against other players from around the world in real time!

Upon clicking the Multiplayer button, you will be brought into the matchmaking screen (see below). In the matchmaking screen, you will be able to see other players currently online, chat with other players in the room, as well as access the Workshop, Parts Shop, Ranking List and access replay archives.


There are 2 methods of finding a good fight in the matchmaking screen. You can either have the server match you up against a player of similar caliber as yourself by clicking the big blue battle button (two people & two swords crossed/above), or you can select a player directly from the "Players in chat" list and issue a challenge to them directly (alternately, you could wait for someone to challenge you)

NOTE: If players are matched together, and are not the same level, the player with the lower level has a greater chance of getting the first turn. This however, is not guaranteed.

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