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A Credit as seen in-game.
A circular, golden coin with "SM" engraved in the center.
Type Currency
Payment Method(s) Tokens.png Tokens
Appearance(s) SuperMechs.png SuperMechs

Credits (symbol: SM) are a form of currency used to purchase various things in SuperMechs.




Credits can be obtained in Campaign mode as rewards for completing Missions through destroying buildings, defeating enemy mechs and collecting Loot Crates. The amount of Credits awarded increases accordingly with the difficulty of the Mission. Losing a battle will also award Credits, but at a much lower amount. The amount of Credits and XP obtained per battle can be doubled by buying a Premium Account. Occasionally, Challenges appear after finishing a Mission, which offer Credits as rewards. Some Campaign Achievements also award Credits upon completion. A Premium Account will not double the amount of Credits received for Challenges and Achievements.


Credits can be obtained in Multiplayer as rewards for finishing Ladder Battles. The amount of Credits gained per battle is double that of in Campaign mode. An exception to this is losing a battle; the reward is the same as it is in Campaign mode. Private Battles do not award anything upon completion to avoid exploitation. Premium Accounts affect Ladder Battles as well; a Premium Account in Multiplayer effectively earns quadruple that of a standard account in Campaign mode. As with Campaign achievements, some Multiplayer achievements award Credits upon completion. Credits are also awarded for the top three ranked players of the week.

Position Reward
First 100,000 Credits.png
Second 50,000 Credits.png
Third 25,000 Credits.png

Daily Bonus

The Daily Bonus offers Loot Crates as rewards for days 1–16. Days 1–8 award single Loot Crates, days 9–13 award two Loot Crates and days 14–16 award three Loot Crates. Unlike standard Loot Crates, Loot Crates from the Daily Bonus only contain credits. Each Loot Crate contains either 500 SM or 1,000 SM.


Main article: Achievements

Most Achievements award Credits upon completion.


Credit boosts can be purchased for Tokens in the Packages menu. Occasionally, these boosts will be on discount.

Boost Tier Contents Price
Bronze Boost 50,000 Credits.png 90 Tokens.png
Silver Boost 100,000 Credits.png 170 Tokens.png
Gold Boost 200,000 Credits.png 280 Tokens.png


Credits are primarily used to buy items from the Shop. They can also be used to buy Battle Credits, in batches of one or six. The base price of 1 BC is 3,000 SM, while the base price of 6 BC is 15,000 SM. The price of Battle Credits increases from each last purchase until a certain as-of-yet undetermined time period has elapsed. Credits are also used to create Clans. Each Clan creation requires 5,000 SM. There are no additional associated fees in relation to Clans.

Credits cannot be directly traded from one account to another.


Main article: Achievements
Icon Name Game Mode Description Prerequisites Reward
Buy 5 Item Boxes.png
Campaign Buy 5 Item Boxes 2,000 Credits.png
Buy 100 Item Boxes.png
Campaign Buy 100 Item Boxes 10 Tokens.png


  • Calculating by the current price of the Gold Boost, 1 Token is equivalent to approximately 714 Credits. Hence, a Gold Item Box is worth approximately 114,286 credits.
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