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The second currency unit SuperMechs uses is called Tokens. These can be used to buy weapons, credits, item boxes and premium membership. Tokens can be obtained by buying supporter packages or completing achievements. Your SuperMechs account is connected to your BattleDawn account, which means tokens purchased on either side are interchangeable. SuperMechs is a FREE game. However, in order to pay for the servers, further development and effective support we need your help. By buying supporter packages you help us cover these costs.

Buying Tokens

SuperMechs offers credit card, PayPal, Fortumo and DaoPay as payment methods.

Name Amount Price (USD)
Copper Package 200 Tokens.png $4.50
Bronze Package 400 Tokens.png $7.50
Silver Package 1000 Tokens.png $18.00

Purchasing Tokens

To purchase tokens you want to press on the 1LI1xCC.png button next to your token reserves. EWDO12w.png

Next you should choose your preferred method of payment 4Xlfsln.png

And finally, select your desired package.

If you have ANY trouble with billing your account, please contact the SuperMechs staff at Thank you for your support!

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