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A Token as seen in-game.
A red, bevelled, truncated square with a white "T" in the middle.
Type Currency
Payment Method(s) PayPal.png PayPal/Credit Card
Fortumo.png Fortumo
DaoPay.png DaoPay
ITunes.png iTunes Store (iOS)
Appearance(s) BattleDawn.png BattleDawn
SuperMechs.png SuperMechs

Tokens (symbol: T), often referred to as Red Tokens (or simply Reds) by the BattleDawn community to distinguish from Blue Tokens, are a form of currency used to purchase various things in SuperMechs.




Tokens are considered the "premium" currency of SuperMechs, and as such, with the exception of some Achievement rewards, can only be obtained by purchase with real-life currency. There are four different packages available for purchase, and three different payment methods offered: PayPal/Credit Card, Fortumo, DaoPay, and iTunes (only available on the iOS port). Occasionally, these packages will be on discount.

Package Contents Price (USD)
Copper Package 200 Tokens.png $4.50
Bronze Package 400 Tokens.png $7.50
Silver Package 1,000 Tokens.png $18.00


Main article: Achievements

Some Achievements award Tokens upon completion.

Icon Name Game Mode Description Prerequisites Reward
Fuse 500 items.png
Campaign Fuse 500 Items 10 Tokens.png
Buy 100 Item Boxes.png
Campaign Buy 100 Item Boxes 10 Tokens.png
Complete campaign on Normal difficulty.png
Campaign Complete Campaign on Normal Difficulty 15 Tokens.png
Complete campaign on Hard difficulty.png
Campaign Complete Campaign on Hard Difficulty 35 Tokens.png
Complete campaign on Insane difficulty.png
Campaign Complete Campaign on Insane Difficulty 50 Tokens.png
Reach rank 1.png
Multiplayer Reach Rank 1 10 Tokens.png
Win 20 straight battles.png
Multiplayer Win 20 Straight Battles 10 Tokens.png
Win 500 ladder battles.png
Multiplayer Win 500 Ladder Battles 20 Tokens.png


Tokens are primarily used to buy items from the Shop. Items only purchasable by Tokens tend to be of higher rarity than their Credit counterparts. They are also used to buy Keys, Silver, Gold and Mythical Item Boxes, Premium Account upgrades, Credit boosts and occasionally-sold Legendary items.

Tokens can be transferred, however, the method is somewhat roundabout. Token reserves are shared between SuperMechs and BattleDawn, as both games are linked to the same account. Tokens must be transferred through BattleDawn in the Resources menu, as SuperMechs itself does not have a transfer Tokens option.


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