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The main currency in SuperMechs is called Red Tokens.png tokens. You can use tokens to do a variety of different things such as buying special features from the workshop, buying credits, or upgrading to a premium membership. Your SuperMechs account is connected to your BattleDawn account, therefore your tokens are interchangeable throughout each game. Tokens can be bought using PayByCash, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and more.

The following is a list of our current token packages and prices based off USD prices: (HINT: You get more by buying in bulk)

Package Name Amount of Red Tokens.png Price
Copper Package 200 Red Tokens.png for $4.5
Bronze Package 400 Red Tokens.png for $7.5
Silver Package 1000 Red Tokens.png for $18
Gold Package 1900 Red Tokens.png for $31.5
Platinum Package 3000 Red Tokens.png for $45
Super Package 6000 Red Tokens.png for $90
Titanic Package 10000 Red Tokens.png for $150

REMINDER: SuperMechs is a FREE game. Purchasing tokens is a way to keep SuperMechs free for everyone who enjoys it. You are not obligated to donate nor purchase tokens.

If you have ANY trouble with billing your account, please contact the SuperMechs staff at

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