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The workshop is where a player can upgrade their mech by buying various pieces of equipment for their mech. The workshop consists of three main pages: The overview, the shop and the paint shop. The overview is where you build your mech up by dragging the different parts of your mech from the inventory to the left panel however you must have to drag a torso to the left side before anything else or it won’t work. To select different parts of you inventory for example weapons select the icon on the bottom of your screen.

Workshop overview


Building a mech

To build you mech firstly place the torso onto the left panel. The torso will then be placed in the centre and a variety of different symbols will be placed around the edge of the torso.

Every type of torso is different and can have a variety of different attachments for example some torsos can have 2 weapons while some can have 4. Torsos can also have special items which are compatible with them which are displayed above the torso. Note: A mech doesn't have to fill all of the symbols to be ready for battle.

However a fully established mech with all of the symbols filled will have a better chance of victory in battle. Due to the mech has more weapons and special abilities available during the battle.

Selecting a mech's torso
Attaching a side weapon
An established mech with all symbols filled


Side weapons
Top weapons

The next section in the workshop is the shop which is where you can buy a huge variety of equipment for your mech however this will cost you SM credits or red tokens and most pieces of equipment are locked until you reach a certain level. The first page is the torso shop.


Torsos are the main part of your mech without one of these a mech cannot be created. Each type of torso is unique and has different statistics and different pieces of equipment which they are compatible with. To buy a torso simply click on the torso you wish to buy and it will appear in your inventory however takes care that the new torso is compatible with your existing equipment unless you want to buy some new equipment as well. The torso in the display is free and has 20 hit points, 10 energy capacities, 2 energy regeneration, 15 heat maximum and 5 shutdown cool down and is compatible with one side weapon which can all be displayed in the drop down list when you hover over the a piece of equipment.


The next pieces of equipment are legs. Legs are essential for your mechs movement around the battlefield and they come in two forms which are legs and wheels. Legs have the ability to jump over opponents however wheels can have a higher movement range. Legs can also contribute to a mechs overall statistics. For example the legs in the display contribute 5 hit points to the mech and have a walking distance of 1 with a physical damage of 8 and knockback of 1 when a stomp is used.


The next piece of equipment are the weapons which come in two categories side and top which type of weapon and how many of each type you can place on your mech depends on your torso. Side and top weapons are your major attacking power during battles so they often require resources from you mech like heat energy or ammunition. Note that some weapons can only be used a limited amount of times per battle. The side weapon in the display costs 125 and can only be used once per battle, its range is two and it performs 10-12 physical damage per shot and it requires 6 heat to use. Note if heat goes above maximum your mech will be forced into a cool down. The top weapon in the display requires 6400 credits to buy and has a range of 4 to 6 however this weapon is different as it requires rocket ammunition which is 5 per turn and requires 2 heat however this weapon causes more damage between 14 and 25 and can knock the opponent back 1. This weapon also has the ability to create heat for the opponent which could force them into a cool down.

Special Items

The next section in the shop is special items. There are five different types of special items. Drones which can be called out to assist you in battle which can cause damage to opponents. Shields which can absorb damage at the cost of energy. Teleports which can teleport you mech at the cost of energy. Charge which can charge your mech into the opponent causing damage and grappling hook which can drag the enemy near you.

Modules are add-ons for your mech which can increase statistics like ammunition, hit points, resistance to certain attacks, increased heat storage and cool down and increased energy and energy regeneration. The amount of modules that can be used on your mech depends on your torso. The module in the display increases the amount of rockets a mech can contain.


The final pieces of equipment are kits. Kits are items that can be used throughout the battle for example to heal your mech, cool down your mech or give you mech more ammunition. However kits can only be used once. The kit in the display can heal your mech however the amount of kits a mech can have depends on the torso.




Paint Shop

The final area of the workshop is the paint shop where you can paint your mech’s pieces of equipment to suit your fancy. Paint has no addition to gameplay apart from to make your mech look awesome. To paint a piece of equipment choose your selected piece then choose a colour and pay a small fee of SM credits.

Paint Shop

Checking final stats

Once you're satisfied with the work completed on your mech, you can check out it's final stats in the inventory. The inventory displays statistics about your mech in terms of how much ammunition it can contain, how many health points it has, how far the mech can move, how much heat is required for the mech to overheat, how much energy the mech can produce per turn and how efficient the mech is at cooling down and other stats can all be found in this panel.

Stats workshop display.png

Icon Meanings

Hit points.png This shows how many hit points this piece of equipment has or how much a kit can heal.

Heat.png This shows the maximum heat that a piece of equipment can give the mech or how much heat a weapon requires to be used.

Shutdown heat reduction.png This shows how much heat a mech can lose during shutdown.

Heat generation.pngThis shows how much heat a weapon can give to the the opponent during a battle.

Walking distance.png This shows how much a mech can move.

Jumping distance.png This shows how far a mech can jump.

Energy.png This shows how much energy a mech has or how much energy is required for a piece of equipment.

Energy regeneration.pngThis shows how much energy a mech can regenerate each turn.

Energy discharge.png This shows how much energy a weapon causes the enemy to lose.

Bullets capacity.pngThis shows how much bullets a mech has or how much bullets a piece of equipment requires.

Rockets capacity.pngThis shows how much rockets a mech has or how much rockets a piece of equipment requires.

Number of times per battle.png This shows how many times a piece of equipment can be used per battle.

Range.png This shows how far a piece of equipment can damage an opponent from.

Knockback.png This shows how far a piece of equipment can push back the opponent.

Physical damage.png This shows how much physical damage the piece of equipment does.

Physical resistance.png This shows how much a mech can resist physical damage.

Explosive damage.png This shows how much explosive damage a piece of equipment does.

Explosive resistance.png This shows how much explosive damage a mech can resist.

Electric damage.png This shows how much electrical damage a piece of equipment does.

Electrical resistance.png This shows how much electrical damage a mech can resist.

Shield.png This shows a piece of equipment can reduce a certain amount of damage/heat in exchange for another type of ammunition.

Drone.png A drone can hit an enemy in battle by using up ammunition energy or heat.

Teleport.png This can move the mech anywhere on the battlefield in exchange for energy.

Charge.png This allows a mech to charge into the enemy causing damage.

Grappeling hook.png This makes your mech drag the opponent next to you.


Written by: Adam Bucklee / ads126

Screenshots by: Adam Bucklee / ads126

Formatted (badly XD) by: Liam Aharon / Ferr3t

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